Project investment products

Is a direct customer consulting product. Direct investment cooperation between investors for fixed income and to some extent can replace traditional investment products. The investment cooperation product introduced to you is a product carefully selected and advised by C99 with assets committed to own directly by the investor, transparent and effective.

1. Safety

Products of direct investment cooperation at C99 with clear limits according to the project all have quality assurance assets committed directly from the investor to help customers minimize risks.

2. Outstanding efficiency

Investors will enjoy a high rate of return up to 12%/year.
Super flexible investment cooperation time for all investors.

3. Distinctive perks

Cashback at the end of the investment period
Free consulting on flexible financial solutions according to investors' needs with a team of professional, thoughtful, dedicated and knowledgeable consultants.

4. Easy transaction

Trade through an advisor or trade online.
App C99 software system intelligently manages assets 24/7.


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