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Features and precautions to know when hiring Vietnamese personnel Among the foreign workers working in Japan, the number of Vietnamese workers has increased rapidly in recent years. You may have heard that business partners are hiring Vietnamese people.

Reference source: About the notification status of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "Employment Status of Foreigners" In this article, for HR professionals who are thinking about hiring Vietnamese, we will explain the characteristics of Vietnamese and points to note when hiring before hiring. Let's know the characteristic "6K" of Vietnamese personality is sometimes expressed in 6K. 6K is an acronym for "Dexterity," "Study-minded," "Kakaa Tenka," "Connected Society," "Short-sighted," and "Good Negotiation."

Knowing the typical characteristics of Vietnamese people will be useful for various purposes such as bringing out the goodness of Vietnamese people employed by companies. In this section, we will explain in detail the characteristic 6K of typical Vietnamese.

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