Terms of use C99 mobile app


Please read the Usage Agreement (“Agreement”) carefully before you proceed to download, install, use all or any part of the “C99” application (“App”) (including but not limited software, files and related documents) or use the services provided by C99 Financial Group Joint Stock Company (“C99”) to connect to the Application. You accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement when performing the above actions. Where you do not agree with any of our terms of use (this and updated versions), please do not download, install, use the Application or remove the Application from your device. your mobile device.

1. Update:

This Agreement may be updated from time to time by C99. The updated version will supersede the terms and conditions in the original agreement. You can access the App or visit the website above to see the detailed content of the updated version.

2. About the Application:

C99 is an application to accumulate points, redeem gifts and connect interactive programs with mobile users in Vietnam with key features:

  • Investment registration C_Bond.
  • Investment registration C_Invest.
  • Investment registration C_MM Plus
  • Management of investment contract information.
  • Other services of the C99 system.
  • And other functions continuously.
  • The app supports all Android and IOS platforms.

3. Application Ownership:

This Application is developed and owned by C99, all intellectual property rights related to the Application (including but not limited to source code, images, data, information, content contained in the Application). Application. Modifications, additions, updates of the Application) and related documentation will be owned exclusively by C99 and no person or organization may copy, reproduce, distribute , or otherwise infringes upon the rights of the owner without the consent and written permission of C99.

4. Account:

To use the Application you must create an account at our request, you undertake that the use of the account must comply with the provisions of C99, and all information you provide to us is correct, accurate, complete with at the time requested. All your rights and obligations will be based on the account information you have registered, so if there is any false information we will not be responsible in the event that such information affects or limits you. your rights.

5. Use account:

You have the right to use the Application and other services we provide, but such use will not include the following acts without C99's written consent:

  • Copy, modify, reproduce, create new work or derivative versions on the basis of this Application.
  • Sell, transfer, sublicense, disclose or otherwise transfer or give part or all of the Application to any third party.
  • Use the Application to provide services to any third party (organization, individual).
  • Move, remove, or change any legitimate notices or markings of the Application (including but not limited to copyright statements).
  • Redesign, compile, disassemble, modify, reverse engineer the App's design or its contents.
  • Change or cancel the initial state of the Application.
  • Use the Application to perform any act that harms C99's network security, including but not limited to data use or unauthorized access to system servers or accounts, access to network system to delete, edit and add information, distribute malicious programs, viruses or perform any other action to harm or destroy the network system.
  • Log in and use the Application using a compatible third-party software or system not developed, authorized or approved by C99.
  • Use, sell, lend, copy, modify, connect to, translate, publish, publish information related to the Application, build a mirror website to publish this information or to develop derivative products, work or services.
  • Use the Application to post, transfer, transmit or store information that violates the law, violates the nation's fine customs and traditions.
  • Use the Application to use, post, transmit, transmit or store any content that infringes the intellectual property rights, trade secrets or legal rights of third parties.
  • Use the Application or other services provided by C99 in any way that violates the law, for any illegal purpose.
  • Other forms of violation.

6. Handling violations:

In case you violate any of the provisions of this Agreement, C99 has the right to immediately lock your account and/or delete all infringing information and content, and depending on the nature, the extent of the breach you will be liable to the competent authority, C99 and third parties for any damage caused by or resulting from your breach.

7. Fees and Charges:

C99 commits not to collect any fees from users for the basic services that we are currently providing.

8. Advertising and commercial content distributed by C99:

By using the application, you acknowledge that we have the right to use your non-identifying information to deliver targeted advertising content..

Contact Info

  • Headquarters: No. 10 Trang Thi, Hang Trong Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Hotline: 1900 955 599


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